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Jennifer Carroll Foy, 39, who is a mom, a state legislature, and a public defender, wants to make history as a role model to millions of ‘brown’ girls — ‘it’s hard to be what you can’t see.’

When Jennifer Carroll Foy was growing up as a young girl in Petersburg, Virginia, she had to sit with her aunt at her kitchen table trying to make the agonizing decision about whether the family was going to pay their mortgage or buy the medicine they needed for her sick grandmother.

Now, 39, and the leading challenger to former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Foy hopes to be elected as the Democratic nominee for Virginia Governor and then face off against a Republican nominee in the November 2 election. But Carroll Foy is undaunted by the battle to convince Virginia voters

If you haven’t yet decided who you will support for president in the the most consequential election since we faced the Civil War, HollywoodLife urges you to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for these 10 key reasons.

Why should you vote for Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump on November 3? Let us start to count the reasons.

#1) There are over 200,000 Americans now dead from coronavirus and counting. Almost 7,000,000 have tested positive for the virus and new cases are still exploding across the country.

Donald Trump proclaimed last night at his Sept 20 rally in Swanton, Ohio that coronavirus “affects virtually nobody” who is young. “It affects elderly people, elderly people with heart problems and other problems.” As if, it was ok even if coronavirus did only kill elderly people. …


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